Is Work From Home a right strategy for Service companies?

2020 is the defining year for man-kind. It has changed the way the world functions. Since the lockdowns have happened post-March 2020, there has been one key term that redefined the offices & works i.e. Work from Home. The first few months turned out to be awesome with WFH...

WebRTC: New Age Digital Business Solution

With Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC), modern web applications can easily stream audio and video content to millions of people. WebRTC is open source & includes media capture, encoding and decoding audio and video, transportation layer, and session management.

What is NFT and How does it work

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. In simple terms, non-fungible means non-replaceable. This Non-replaceable term makes NFT unique. NFT are digital assets that represent art, music, video, game or post which belongs to real-world objects.