“A product is an entity (tangible/intangible) that is created through a Process and solves a real Need for its Customers"         
Today, everything is being conceived as a product. As per Gartner, In the technology world, the product approach will replace the project approach. As per Gartner, the product approach is about delivering value from each & every task. We are experts in delivering the value from each & every task. We have developers trained in the product mindset to provide the value to the customer.

We participate with our customers across the product value chain, including Design Thinking, Lean Startup & Agile Based Development. The below diagram from Gartner displays a typical product development journey.

Our Software Product Development journey includes the below steps

User Research & Journeys

  • Each Product starts with identifying the gap in the market. User research is very critical to the success of the Product. User research is not only technical but should be empathetic about the user. Many times, user research led to the wrong diagnosis because of the unempathetic approach. We work with customers to develop user personas & User requirements through interviews, surveys & other methodologies. It is followed by usability testing of the research.

User Experience & Interface

  • We work with our partners to develop the user experience & design to create a product that is intuitive, ease-to-use & appealing. We work on user interaction design, wireframes, UX designs as well as UIs.

Minimal Viable Product

  • We are specialized in developing Minimal Viable Product (MVP) with the right technology & feature choices. We work with our customers closely to identify the critical features to be a part of the MVP. Our teams look for technology options to develop a scalable & reliable solution with viable cost.

Product Development at Scale.

  • Post MVP success, we build the Product for scale. We develop the Product using the Agile-based methodology using Scrum. It helps us deliver incremental product deliveries at the end of each sprint.

Feedback Based Improvement

  • Once the Product goes live, application continuity becomes critical. We work with our customers to analyze the feedback & translate them to the technical requirements. We use Agile Kanban for this process.

Our Software Product Development journey includes the below steps

  • Mobile & Web application using android & React Native
  • Scalable & Flexible products using microservices as well as monolithic architecture
  • Enterprise application including ECMs & Salesforce
  • DevOps implementation & maintenance for regular releases

Our Expertise